Code Review Workshops with Dr. Michaela Greiler

Hi, I'm Michaela. I accelerate engineering teams by making code reviews their superpower.

I've worked with many companies like Microsoft, National Instruments, Metro Systems & Wix.

During a remote code review workshop, developers learn to overcome challenges like slow turnaround times and harsh feedback cultures. They also gain best practices to improve their processes, ensuring fast and effective code reviews while strengthening their collaboration and communication skills.

During a DevEx workshop, developers identify their workflow’s biggest friction points and challenges. They’ll develop solution approaches to address these issues and enhance the overall developer experience, leading to increased productivity, fostering innovation, and creating high-quality software.

Learn code review best practices and the latest research on code reviews, or get code review checklists that help you review systematically. Get all the  knowledge to transform your code reviews today.

With over 15 years of experience helping software engineering teams be more productive, effective, and happy, I’m here to guide your audience to joyful, high-quality software development. 

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