Are cost and quality a tradeoff and how can we improve hiring?

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Awesome that you are here for the second edition of the top software engineering reads. This week, I have quite a few excellent pieces for you:

Often cost and quality are tradeoffs. Not in software engineering.

The one and only Martin Fowler shares his view on why high internal software quality actually helps to produce software in a more cost-effective way. I cannot agree more. Definitely worth a read.

Github Pull requests become more awesome with Pullpanda’s help

This week, Github announced that they acquired Pullpanda, a software that helps make pull request more productive. Pullpanda consists of three features: Pull Assigner, Pull Analytics and Pull Reminders. All fight the problem of long turn-around times of code reviews.

Hiring: A developers nightmare

This week, I also read two articles on why the hiring system for developers is broken. Both articles also highlight ways to better hire great tech talent.

One article was from Chris Parnin, who did a study or tens of thousand Hacker News comments to see what makes or breaks tech interviews.

Another recent article is from Veni Kunche who in particular looks into how to diversify tech. Her well-written article looks into why traditional tech interviews exclude minorities and how to fix this.

How to Be Great? Just Be Good, Repeatably

In this blog post, Steph looks at what it takes to be successful in life. Her main point is that it is the little things that we do every day that compound to greatness. This blog post is full of go-do-it mentality and a wonderful reminder that great things take time (and work).

How to manage stress – a dev’s guide

Do you recall my article on productivity a few weeks back? Well, I mentioned mindfulness and meditation as one way to increase productivity and happiness. In this article, Daragh explains how meditation helped him to deal with work-related stress.

Well, so I leave you with that. Happy reading and feel free to share your top reads of the week in the comments!

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