I am a software engineer, a indiehacker and a mother of two little ones. On this blog, I share with you my tech life. There are currently two aspects to it: First, my work as a software engineer and researcher at Microsoft. At Microsoft, I analyse and improve engineering tools (such as code review, test and build tools). Second, I love to learn and I am constantly building and making new software products.

At Microsoft, I use data analysis and data mining approaches to analyse the software development practices of engineering teams. Through the insights and knowledge gained from the analyses, I design and implement prototypes and innovative solutions for Code Review, Test and Build Systems.

I work with teams from Office, Windows, Exchange and Visual Studio. I especially focus on optimizing effectiveness of company-wide code reviewing and testing  activities.

Before working at Microsoft, I developed several reverse engineering techniques and tools for large and complex software systems to help developers understand complex code, especially test code.

I hold a PhD degree in Software Engineering from Delft University of Technology and a MSc and BSc degree in Computer Science from Alpe-Adria University of Klagenfurt.

I am also the maker of www.zweimalfreude.at. An online platform for regional products from Austria. The platform is developed in Python/Django. The project is in its initial and early stage.

I am also the founder of Lendacto consultancy. At Lendacto, I accelerate businesses by coaching and advising founders and the leadership team. I help to setup efficient engineering process or to improve existing processes. 

Get in touch with me via michaela {dot} greiler {at} gmail {dot} com