I love to teach and share my knowledge. I talk about my experience and research findings in code reviews, software testing, and developer productivity and experience. 

Dr. Michaela Greiler

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I mainly talk about software engineering and productivity. If you are looking for a speaker on topics related to code review, software testing, or code quality, I am the right person for the job! I also speak about the productivity and side hustles.


I have given several keynote talks and spoke more than 35 times publicly in front of audiences ranging from 20-500 people. Below is a list of conferences and events that I was invited to talk at publicly. There have been several other events that I have spoken at but are not mentioned. 

“Deep technical expertise”

Michaela is an outstanding and dynamic speaker. The keynote she gave was entertaining and deeply interesting at the same time. She impresses with her deep technical expertise, but also with her ability to break complex topics down into digestible and understandable concepts. I enjoyed her keynote so much, that I invited her to give another keynote and serve on an expert panel.
Research background and practice at Microsoft

I speak about topics I have researched for several years doing my PhD in software engineering. I gained practical experience by applying my research at Microsoft. I worked at Microsoft Research, Microsoft Research and Development as well as in product teams. There, I focused on analyzing and improving the internal software engineering practices including but not limited to code review and software testing. Click here for a list of selected public talks and events I spoke at.

Code reviews

During my time at Microsoft, I surveyed and interviewed thousands of software engineers and analysed millions of code review comments. From those studies, I distilled code review best practices and pitfalls. In my talks about code reviews, I share how code reviews were performed at one of the world’s largest software companies, as well as many lessons learned at Microsoft.

Software Testing

In my testing talks, I talk about my experience testing large software systems. During my PhD studies, I analysed and investigated testing practices for plug-in systems and service-oriented systems. I also implemented several tools that help to analyze and understand test suites of large software systems. During my time at Microsoft, I worked with test teams and analysed millions of test runs to improve test execution times. I was part of the team that designed and implemented a novel technique that allows safely removing test cases from your test suites without compromising software quality. 

"expertise, and enthusiasm"

Michaela is a natural and effective communicator. She has the rare gift of being able to engage her audience with inherently complicated subjects, and deliver the underlying concepts in a way that makes understanding easy. Her level of expertise, and enthusiasm is always evident; and she communicates her knowledge with both passion and clarity. I highly recommend her for public speaking engagements.​​
Individual talks

At present, I have given approximately 35 individual talks about topics related to understanding and analyzing software systems software, various software testing related topics, and of course code review related topics. I am more than happy to work with you to design and adopt my talks to fit your event.  

Software analysis

For several years, I analysed  software systems, using static and dynamic analysis techniques. The goal of those analysis were to either build models to help comprehend large software systems or to find technical debt and code or test smells. 


For several years, I helped teams at Microsoft be more productive. Many times, I have been asked how we can assess productivity and which metrics we can use to measure it. Well, even though measuring individual contributions isn’t something I would suggest anybody doing, there is quite a lot that can be measured and assessed on a team level. In this talk, I share with what worked at Microsoft.


I have worked for over 15 years in computer science and the software engineering field. 

After obtaining my Ph.D in software engineering, I joined Microsoft Research in Cambridge UK to help Microsoft’s engineering teams be more productive. My role was to build innovative solutions for software testing and code reviewing, driven by data and research. Later, I joined Microsoft in Seattle to transfer the research innovations to the processes and tools of engineering teams such as Windows, Office, Visual Studio and Exchange. 

In 2018, I started my entrepreneurship journey. I am the founder of Lendacto, a software consultancy targeted at start-ups and business that need help steering their offshore software teams. I also founded ZweimalFreude – a online platform to discover regional and handmade goods.     

“Informative and refreshing”

Michaela Greiler delivered an incredible informative and refreshing keynote. She is an excellent speaker and really knows what she talks about.

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