Fast and Effective

Code Review Workshop

1 Full-Day Company Workshop

Explore how to avoid code review pitfalls and implement a lightweight, still effective code review process. 

Code reviews provide a lot of benefits, such as increasing code-quality, knowledge sharing among team members and even between teams, mentoring and learning.

Still, many teams and companies struggle with common code review pitfalls such as low code velocity and reduced productivity, or the quality of the feedback. 

In this workshop, we will work on identifying and resolving code review pitfalls that are unique to your organization and team. You will learn how to implement best practices, and work on a suitable code review process for your organization.   


This workshop is designed as in-house or remote company training for a group of up to 20 people. I work closely with the organizations to ensure the workshop is fully tailored to their needs.

Let me make your code reviews rock.

Michaela has a sharp intellect and is thorough in her work. What makes her stand out though is her ability to combine this with a can-do attitude that lets her come up with creative solutions to real problems. She can explain highly technical concepts in a way that a business audience will also understand and value. Her talks are insightful and engaging. If you have the opportunity to work with her — don't miss it! It will benefit you tremendously.
Dr. Leif Singer
Software Engineer, Automatic
Michaela is a great example to show how beneficial innovation can be for software companies. Her ability to apply research findings to industry settings is impressive. I follow her work at Microsoft and her research with joy now for several years. Her research is innovative and solid. And she sure knows how to present research findings and complex concepts in a digestible way.
Dr. Ana Paiva
Assistant Professor at the Engineering Faculty of the University of Porto
I had the great pleasure of working with Michaela when she conducted her PhD research under my supervision at Delft University of Technology. In her PhD she demonstrated strong skills at both the technical level and at the social science level. Her many presentations and lectures were well prepared, delivered, and in all cases very well received. Michaela is determined, knows what she wants, is very well organized, and does what needs to be done to succeed. She is a great team player, who can bring a whole team to the next level.
Dr. Arie van Deursen
Head of the Department of Software Technology at Delft University of Technology

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About me

My name is Dr. Michaela Greiler. I work with organizations of all sizes and help them improve their software development process leading to happier developers and more productive and high-quality outputs.

During my time at Microsoft, I led several in-depth investigations that led to improvements to Microsoft’s internal code review, testing and build processes.

I helped teams like Microsoft Office, Visual Studio, Exchange and Windows. Learn more about me here.